Land For Sale in Sustainable Ecological Community in Tulum

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Land in Sustainable Ecological Community
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Property Description

This is a new concept of eco-Living community commited to the preservation of the Planet, creating a new model for future generations. Building with the minimum impact to the environment, you can encounter spirituality and harmony at your door step.

Our self-sustainable community of 375 hectares is designed to preserve and protect the jungle. Our permeable roads, the use of clean energies, our green communal areas, our jungle park, the use of local natural resources for house building and the involvement of the local people through their knowledge and work on these jungle elements, makes Kuyabeh a magical and ecological project. On the era of consciousness, we need to develop bounds to get closer to our roots.

Our development will be performed with the lowest ecological foot print. Our horizontal axis is based on the pillars of Sustainable Development which comprises three aspects: the social, the economical and the environmental.
Agricultural Spaces

Some space of land will be adapted for ecological agriculture. Every lot will obtain a little piece of this land to work the soil and plant the crops they wish to grow. Some workshops will be arranged with experienced and certified professionals in organic agriculture and natural compost development, for those who want to follow this path or even to learn a bit more on the subject. The harvest could be sold or exchanged by owners at the communal market area.

The land owners of Kuyabeh will be able to select among solar energy, wind power and back up generators for the construction of their house.
Potable water will be obtained by an individual rain water harvesting system designed to conserve and save this precious natural resource and help reach your sustainability objectives.

Among the services we offer we will provide guardhouse, main entry and maintenance of the common areas and the roads. Also, a communal internet service will be provided together with an application for cell phones. It will be possible to have an extra service for Kuyabeh´s households for the maintenance and monitoring of gardens and alternative energy systems.

This project is going to be developed in 4 phases, shown below in chronological order:

1. Balam = Jaguar

2. Huech = Armadillo

3. Sak Xikin = Tigrillo

4 Turix. = Libelula

Our first phase Balam will be composed of 94 lots with an area of around 1 hectare that composes a minimal density and impact to the area, giving each house ample space to blend in with nature.

1.- AMPHITHEATER where all the events for the community will be held.
2.- THE SUSTAINABILITY SCHOOL will be used for workshops and courses for our community and local people interested in learning about eco-living and the jungle.
3.- TRADE MARKET for food exchanging. The idea is to share the crops that people would like to grow in the Agricultural land, as well as other communities around.
4.- AGRICULTURAL LAND for all the Kuyabeh`s owners. Every lot will have a piece of land to grow desirable crops. This work can be done as a team or individually.
5.- RESTAURANT for your delight. Organic food with a sophisticated touch.
6.- SPA to clear your mind.
7.- ECO CHIC HOTEL AND NATURAL POOL for external visitors and for owners to enjoy with generous discounts
8.- AN OBSERVATORY PLATAFORM to read the firmament. This romantic spot is one of the treasures of the community
9.-NATURAL TERRACES to enjoy the jungle fully whatever activity you may be willing to do.
10.- HEALTH AND MEDITATION AREA to relax, feel and find peace help by the amazing magical surroundings. Alternative medicine will be given at this spot.
11.- WILDLIFE WATCHING TOWER to spot wildlife on top of the canopy of the jungle. Birdwatchers and enthusiastics of nature will find this spot a luxury.

Comunidad Ecológica Autosustentable. La primera Fase, “Balam”, (jaguar en Maya) cuenta con 94 lotes de aproximadamente 1 hectárea. (9,400 m2).
Nuestra visión y deseo con este proyecto es crear una comunidad ecológica auto-sustentable donde se pueda llevar a cabo una relación armónica del ser humano con la naturaleza y con su medio ambiente. Ofrecemos una nueva manera de vivir con conciencia. Queremos que este legado pueda llegar a ser el patrimonio de las generaciones futuras y llegar a ser un ejemplo de auto sustentabilidad y armonía. Una retribución a la madre tierra que tanto nos regala y lograr así una comunidad donde el respeto y la diversidad cultural sean parte de todas las actividades.

Área de mercado
Cenote Natural
Terrazas naturales
Hotel/Spa Chic Ecológico
Laguna 2.5 hectáreas
Escuelas-Talleres Autosustentables
Senderos para Caminatas
Restaurante comida orgánica
Areas de cultivo
Torre de avistamiento
Plataforma de observación nocturna
Palapa recreativa
Áreas de camping
Yoga y meditación

Address: Kuyabeh, Carretera Tulum-Coba 30
Zip: 77796
Country: Mexico
Property Id: 21451
Price: $ 189,000 USD
Property Lot Size: 9,400 m2
Development Level: Built
MLS: RTV415158-61
Gated Community
Controlled Access
Underground Sprinklers

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